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Grand Opening~!

Ohayo! Konnichi wa! Konban wa! Where ever you are, welcome! This is Ishougen, resident spazz of TareRaji, here to tell you that the grand opening of the Tenimyu & Talent Radioshow is here! ((\(^_^)/))

So, what exactly is TareRaji? Good question! Here's some info!

~"TareRaji" stands for "Tenimyu & Talent Radio". The name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "talent" ("tarento") and "radio" ("rajio").
~TareRaji is an internet radioshow/podcast hosted by two Canadian Tenimyu fangirls, Ishougen and Unvrknow.
~The show isn't just about tenimyu - it's about things that relate to it, too, like dramas and actors. For example, Tenimyu -> Saitou Takumi -> Boys Love -> Matsumoto Hiroya -> Air Gear Myu -> Kenta Kamakari -> Tenimyu. Stuff like that.
~Various topics will be discussed during the show, including news, reviews, trivia, and the reading of a fanfiction. OVERDRAMATICALLY.

It's gonna be a lot of fun, so tune in! Announcements will be posted on relevant communities, so keep an eye on your F-lists!

Until then...

seeeeeeeeeeei no: TareRaji!!! ((\(^_^)/))
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